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Why specialised employers choose Lightsapp

Find the skills they need

With their own branded talent platform, specialist employers can attract talent with the right skills and match them to jobs. They can also use Lightsapp to manage their existing resources to further build talent externally via their own marketplace.

When they need them

Instant view of candidate’s profile summary & availability saves time.

Where they need them

Choose resources in the locations where you need them.

Set your own fees

Employers have the flexibility to set fair and transparent fees.

Create networks

Create favourite lists so that they can easily track working status of their talent.

Make offers

Optional payroll services available to manage risk and compliance of contracted resources.

Recruitment - done.

Finding the right candidates just got easier.

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Connecting with,
Candidates just got

Did you know?

More than 45% of the Australian workforce are contingent and it's growing!

Lightsapp allows employers to create their own micro talent pools so they can connect directly to active talent reducing the amount of time that is wasted following up dead leads and sifting through unqualified CVs. It's faster and targeted.

1. Create an opportunity

Once employers have integrated Lightsapp with their website, they simply create opportunities to shortlist suitable candidates. This provides an easy way to filter and categorise the right candidates.

2. Contact candidates

Our smart searching algorithms displays a real-time shortlist of suitable candidates that meet the opportunity brief. They simply select which candidates to connect with and then interview.

3. Negotiate directly with candidates

Once satisfied with the candidate and ready to make the offer, simply send the job details for the candidate to accept. All contract negotiations are tracked within Lightsapp for easy management.

Access talent on-demand, where and when you need it

Faster and simpler than ever before.

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Specialised Job seekers

Opportunities designed For you

Do what you love

Lightsapp matches the right job at the right time

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Automatic Skill Matching




Your Location

Making finding your perfect job,

1. Candidates create their profile

Creating your profile with Lightsapp is made easy with LinkedIn authentication or candidates can create a profile using their email address.

Candidates then customise work preferences by adding personal roles/skills, locations willing to work and pay rate to make it easy for employers to find them for suitable opportunities.

By setting up their availability status, employers can offer them jobs when it suits them. Finding each other at the right time is where the magic of Lightsapp happens!

2. Employers make contact

Since candidates have registered with specialist employers, they have confidence that the roles they are being contacted for will be the ones that they are interested in. They are sent the job brief directly, which they can accept or decline. This works with internal or external talent

3. Get offers directly

Once employers have contacted and negotiated with candidates, they are sent an offer and upon acceptance, the status of their employment will be updated.

Lightsapp makes life easier - finding candidates the right job where and when it's needed

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Graduate Program

Manage placements of graduates and final year students completing their Capstone Projects or Internships.

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LinkedIn and Lightsapp

Authenticate to Lightsapp via LinkedIn and set up your profile.

Student Partnerships and Lightsapp

Student Partnerships use Lightsapp to give graduates and students a head start in securing work, becoming visible to a community of supportive employers. They get it!

Career Management

Job Seekers identifying themselves as graduates makes it easy for employers to find them for suitable opportunities.

Build your personal brand

The feedback ratings gives graduates & students the possibility to position themselves in the best light with employers and build brand.

Graduate Talent Pools

Employers can easily identify their favourite or recommended graduates by using filters enabled through Lightsapp for easy tracking and reference.

Qualifications Check

Employers are able to verify credentials if and when required within Lightsapp through our partnered provider RISQ.

Quality Talent on

Did you know?

Lightsapp for Graduates is endorsed as the preferred platform by Student Partnerships.

Lightsapp connects you directly to active talent reducing wasted time of dead leads and sifting through unqualified CVs. It's faster and targeted.

"Student Partnerships is pleased to be formally partnering with Lightsapp who are providing our technology platform connecting graduates and the business community. Graduates can promote their skills and availability to the business community seeking to fulfil specific tasks on an ad hoc basis. This will enable Student Partnerships to help launch graduates’ careers by providing them with opportunities to work with new and existing businesses. This is an alternative approach to conventional recruitment which is primarily interested in experienced professionals for contract or long-term employment."

-Bambi Price


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New talent for tomorrow's solutions.

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